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Adjustable Speed V-Belt Pulleys


Adjustable Speed V-Belt Pulleys

Adjustable Speed V-Belt Pulleys

Adjustable Speed V-belt pulleys are designed to allow changes to driven shaft speed where drive motor speed is fixed.

Adjustabler control pulley with a fixed center distance to a drive a spring adjusting tensioning pulley.  In this design, the adjustable diameter control pulley has its pitch diameter adjusted by the axial movement of a movable sheave face; typically controlled by a trust bearing.  As the pitch diameter of the control pulley is adjusted to minimize its diameter, the tensioning pulley that it is driving will move against a spring axially to change its pitch diameter, thus changing the drive line ratio.

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Adjustable speed V-belt pulleys are designed for use in applications where drive motor speed is increased or decreased frequently to accommodate varying process conditions.

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