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Dacromet-plated chains

Dacromet-plated chains

Dacromet-plated chains are high corrosion resistance surpasses the corrosion resistance of nickel roller chains and the plating will not peel or crack, to ensure a very long life when applied to roller chains.

At YQ-CHINATRANSMISSIONS, we are proud to offer the highest quality Dacromet-plated chains to our customers.

The extremely high corrosion resistance ensures that the Dacromet coated chains are ideal for application in areas which face high corrosion.

Dacromet coated chains are often put to use in car washes and packaging since these are the areas which face very high corrosion. Further, these roller chains are also put to use in the areas such as water treatment and wash downlines.

All Dacromet-plated chains chains go through high quality control to suit your requirement.

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