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American Standard Sprocket


American Standard Sprocket

American standard sprocket is the core of YQ-ChinaTransmissions's sprocket. 

Here following the complete range of sprockets and platewheels divided by different pitch.
3/8”x3/16” (ANSI 35-1; ANSI 35-2; ANSI 35-3)
1/2″x5/16” (ANSI 40-1; ANSI 40-2; ANSI 40-3)
5/8”x3/8” (ANSI 50-1; ANSI 50-2; ANSI 50-3)
3/4″x1/2” (ANSI 60-1; ANSI 60-2; ANSI 60-3)
1”x5/8” (ANSI 80-1; ANSI 80-2; ANSI 80-3)
1”1/4×3/4” (ANSI 100-1; ANSI 100-2; ANSI 100-3)
1”1/2×1” (ANSI 120-1; ANSI 120-2; ANSI 120-3)
1”3/4×1”1/4 (ANSI 140-1; ANSI 140-2; ANSI 140-3)
2”x1”1/4 (ANSI 160-1; ANSI 160-2; ANSI 160-3)
Different teeth numbers are available for every pitch.

Furthermore, in order to meet all customers’ requirements, various materials (steel C45 E UNI EN 10083-1 and stainless steel AISI 304) are available. Surface treatments such as hardened teeth(45-55 HRC) can be also carried out for a better wear resistance of the product.
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