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How to install taper bush

How to install taper bush

Issue Time:2022/06/02
How to install taper bush
The taper bush is a commonly used new type of mechanical transmission connection component, which has the characteristics of high standardization, high precision, compact structure, and convenient installation and disassembly.

The taper bush is mainly divided into TB taper bush, QD taper bush and STB taper bush. The holes where the taper bush and the pulley match are half-sided, and the two light holes on the taper bush and the two threaded holes on the pulley are respectively A complete hole is formed, and a threaded hole on the tapered bush and a smooth hole on the pulley form a complete hole. When assembling, put the two screws in the two threaded holes of the pulley. As the screws are continuously tightened in the threaded holes on the pulley, the thread action pushes the screws to the small end of the tapered hole on the pulley, and the tapered bush is The two light holes of the screw are not completely machined through, so that when the head of the screw touches the bottom of the light hole, the force is transmitted to the tapered bush, and the tapered bush moves relative to the pulley to the small end of the tapered hole of the pulley, At this time, because of the taper, the tapered bush will continue to wrap the shaft, and the shaft will react on the tapered bush and then on the pulley. In this way, the pulley, taper bush and shaft are tightly assembled together.

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