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Gear And Rack

Gear And Rack

Issue Time:2022/05/03
Gear And Rack
The rack and gear will have its own unique movement characteristics in the transmission process: the gear transmission is used to transmit the movement and power between any two axes, its peripheral speed can reach 300m/s, the transmission power can reach 105KW, and the gear diameter can be from Less than 1mm to more than 150m, it is the most widely used mechanical transmission in modern machinery.

Spur Gear

Cylindrical gears or spur gears are cylindrical gears that are mounted on two parallel shafts, and one shaft drives the other shaft to make it rotate.

Helical Gears

As the name suggests, dentures are oblique, with different spiral directions, which can be divided into left-handed obliques.

gears and right-handed helical gears. The helix angle of a pair of helical gears is the same,

But the direction of rotation is reversed.

The characteristic of the helical gear is that the tooth line is in a skewed state with respect to the gear shaft, and a larger meshing ratio can be obtained compared with the spur gear.

Therefore, compared with spur gears, helical gears can achieve low noise, low vibration, and are suitable for high-speed rotation and transmission of large power.

Bevel Gears
Also called bevel gear, the tooth shape of the spiral bevel gear is arc shape, and it is generally conical, like an umbrella.
The gear teeth are distributed on the surface of a cone, and the tooth profile gradually decreases from the large end to the small end.
Racks are also divided into spur racks and helical racks, which are paired with spur gears and helical gears respectively.
Straight Rack
Spur Racks used together with spur gears
helical rack
Helical rack used together with helical rack
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