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Introduction Of Circular Chain

Introduction Of Circular Chain

Issue Time:2021/12/06
Introduction of circular chain
The circular chain is suitable for coal mine scraper conveyors, coal ploughs, drum shearers and other mechanical traction chains, etc.
Circular chain meets the conditions and failure analysis
1. Eligible conditions for circular link chains are: (1) withstand tension; (2) fatigue caused by pulsating load; (3) between chain links, between chain links and sprocket, between chain links and Friction and wear are generated between the middle plate and the trough; (4) Corrosion is caused by the action of coal dust, rock dust and moist air. zmjt05

2. Failure analysis The breaking forms of round link chains are roughly divided into: (1) The load of the chain exceeds its own static breaking load and causes premature breakage. This kind of breakage mostly occurs in the defective part of the chain link shoulder or straight arm. , Such as crack welding heat-affected zone and individual bar cracks; (2) After a period of operation, the chain has not reached the breaking load before the fracture caused by fatigue occurs. This kind of fracture mostly occurs in the straight arm and arc of the chain link. Of convergence.
Requirements for round link chains
(1) Under the same material and section, it must have a higher load-bearing capacity; (2) It must have a higher breaking load and a higher elongation; (3) It must have a higher load-bearing capacity. Smaller deformation to ensure good meshing; (4) Higher fatigue strength; (5) Higher wear resistance; (6) Higher toughness and greater ability to absorb impact loads; (7) The geometric dimensions meet the requirements of the drawings.
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