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What is Pitch of Roller Chain

What is Pitch of Roller Chain

Issue Time:2021/10/22

What is Pitch of Roller Chain

Roller chains are one of the most common types of transport media for conveying systems. While they’re available in many designs and variations to meet different application requirements, they all have one thing in common. To specify a roller chain, you need three basic dimensions: The chain pitch … the roller diameter … and the width between inner link plates.

Roller chains are specified by three main parameters: pitch, roller diameter, and width between inner links. Chains that have identical dimensions in these three dimensions will work on the same sprockets. Image credit: Kobo USA

In general terms, pitch can be specified with reference to any feature — such as a hole or an edge — that is repeatable on each adjacent part.

In terms of conveyor chain, pitch is usually defined as the distance between links, as measured from the center of the roller pin on one link to the center of the roller pin on the next link.

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