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What is Timing Belt Pulley

What is Timing Belt Pulley

Issue Time:2021/10/15

What is Timing Belt Pulley

A timing belt pulley is a specialized pulley system with teeth or pockets along the outside of the pulley body’s diameter. Like traditional pulley systems, timing belt pulleys are driven by frictional forces between the belt and pulley surfaces.


Timing Pulleys are made of three parts. A wheel that will revolve around an axle. The wheel will also revolve the belt around to get the mechanical work done. Here we are discussing Single Movable Pulleys and mechanical advantages of the system.

As mentioned, timing belt pulleys are not the only variation available. In fact, depending on your specific applications, selecting another pulley may be ideal. Multi-Ribbed, Variable Speed, and V-Belt Pulleys are among the most common options. Named for tapered pulley sides that form a V-shaped groove, V-Belt Pulleysare a transmission belt that transmits the force of an engine to ancillary components, including alternators, hydraulic pumps, etc. Due to their relatively low-cost, V-Belt Pulleys are a popular option.

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