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Materials used in gear manufacturing process

Materials used in gear manufacturing process

Issue Time:2021/10/13

Material Used in Gear Manufacturing Process

The various materials used for gears include a wide variety of cast irons, non ferrous material and non – metallic materials. The selection of the gear material depends upon:


lType of work

lPeripheral speed

lDegree of accuracy required

lMethod of manufacture

lRequired dimensions and weight of the drive

lAllowable stress

lShock resistance

Some materials chosen include:


lCast iron, which is popular due to its good wearing properties, excellent machinability and ease of producing complicated shapes by the casting method. It is suitable where large gears of complicated shapes are needed.

lSteel, which is sufficiently strong & highly resistant to wear by abrasion.

lCast steel, which is used where stress on the gear is high and it is difficult to fabricate the gears.

lPlain carbon steels, which find application for industrial gears where high toughness combined with high strength.

lAlloy steels, which are used where high tooth strength and low tooth wear are required.

lAluminum, which is used where low inertia of rotating mass is desired.

lGears made of non–metallic materials give noiseless operation at high peripheral speeds.


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