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What Is Gear Coupling

What Is Gear Coupling

Issue Time:2021/09/15
What Is Gear Coupling
Gear coupling is composed of internal gear ring with the same number of teeth and flange half coupling with external teeth. The external teeth are divided into straight teeth and drum teeth. The so-called drum teeth means that the external teeth are made into a spherical surface. The center of the spherical surface is on the gear axis. The tooth side clearance is larger than that of ordinary gears. Allows a larger angular displacement (compared to the straight tooth coupling), which can improve the contact conditions of the teeth, increase the torque transmission capacity, and prolong the service life. When the gear coupling is working, the two shafts produce relative displacement, and the tooth surfaces of the internal and external teeth periodically slide relative to each other in the axial direction, which will inevitably cause tooth surface wear and power loss. Therefore, the gear coupling needs to be well lubricated and sealed. Work in the state.
Gear couplings have small radial dimensions, large load-bearing capacity, and are long used for shaft transmission under low-speed and heavy-duty conditions. High-precision and dynamically balanced gear couplings can be used for high-speed transmissions, such as gas turbine shafts.
Gear couplings have small radial dimensions and large load-bearing capacity. They are often used in shaft transmissions under low-speed and heavy-duty conditions, such as metallurgy, mining, lifting and transportation industries, and also suitable for petroleum, chemical, general machinery and other industries. The high-precision and dynamically balanced gear coupling can be used for high-speed transmission, such as the shafting transmission of a gas turbine.

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