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What is SPZ125 pulley?

What is SPZ125 pulley?

Issue Time:2021/09/07
What is SPZ125 pulley?

This AK17 Pulley 5/8" bore is directly interchangeable with other manufacturers, is 1.75" in diameter, is used with A style V-belts. What separates this AK17 pulley from the others is that it is made using a high grade-35 cast iron, is phosphate coated, painted, and balanced at the factory. Using the grade 35 cast iron offers a higher tensile strength and is more wear resistant than the more commonly used grade 25. While the phosphate coated and then painted finish adds corrosion resistance to the AK17 pulley. Then, because this pulley is dynamically balanced it runs smoother which gives bearings and other components of the equipment a longer working life. Additionally, we stock a full line of premium A-Series V-Belts, shafting, key-stock, motors, gearboxes, bearings, and much more!

YQ chinatransmissions is easy to work with and we offer an extensive inventory, high-quality products at competitive prices, and fast response times. we are also good at producing OEM products. For more information or to get pricing and availability on an AK17 Pulley with 5/8" bore please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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