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Idler sprocket

Idler sprocket

Issue Time:2021/08/10

Idler sprocket refers to a sprocket that transmits between two transmission gears that are not in contact with each other and meshes with these two gears at the same time to change the direction of rotation of the driven gear to make it the same as the driving gear. Its function is to change the steering but not the transmission ratio, which is called an idler.




The main functions of the idler sprocket are to change the steering of the driven sprocket, increase the transmission distance, and adjust the pressure angle. The idler sprocket is a part of the gear train that plays a transitional role. It will not change the transmission relationship. It is to make the force of the gear train more reasonable or to meet the layout of the entire transmission system. Its function is only to change the steering, but not the transmission ratio. The wheelbase can be extended through the idler sprocket. The number of teeth has no effect on the value of the transmission ratio, but it will affect the steering of the last wheel. It is a wheel that does not perform work and has a certain energy storage function, which is helpful to the stability of the system.


Idler Sprocket Features


Quality Sealed Ball Bearing;

Provide European standard series and American standard series idler sprockets;

Hardened Teeth;

Made-to-order available




Idler sprockets should not rotate at greater speeds than are allowable for drive sprockets of the same size. They should be mounted in contact with the “slack” span of chain, whenever possible. Mount them on the outside of the chain when the arc of the chain wrap on the smaller sprocket would otherwise be less than 120º. It is advisable that idler sprockets have at least three teeth in mesh with the chain. Inside mounted idlers usually account for quieter operation, especially if centers are short and speed is moderately high.


YQ can offer idler sprockets for use with roller chain and engineered class chain. Large or small, we can supply almost any idler sprocket, also for custom made-to-order. We use quality units when producing idler sprockets to obtain a wide market.

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