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Engineering steel bush chains

Engineering steel bush chains

Issue Time:2021/07/14
Engineering steel bush chains
Engineered steel bush chain sometimes referred to as steel knuckle chain (most commonly based on American Standards),which is a wide width bush only chain.Generally interchangeable with cast combination chains and were developed as a superior replacement.

Being relatively light weight and durable these chains are well suited for bucket elevators driven by conventional toothed or plain rim traction wheels.The lack of a roller, increased contact area between the pin and the bush and lighter weights generally sees them applied to elevators and conveyors operating in harsh or abrasive environments, with infrequent or minimal lubrication. These chains give excellent service in cement and other dry abrasive applications.
They are fixed by chain plates with constraint function, and their position relationship is very accurate. Each bearing consists of a pin shaft and a sleeve on which the roller of the chain rotates. Both the pin shaft and sleeve are surface hardened to allow articulation at higher pressures and to withstand the load pressure transmitted by rollers and the impact of engagement. There are a series of different chain pitch for all kinds of strength conveying chain: the minimum chain pitch depends on the requirement of sufficient strength of sprocket teeth, and the maximum chain pitch is usually determined by the rigidity of chain plate and general chain. If necessary, the sleeve between chain plates can exceed the rated maximum chain pitch, however, the clearance used to remove the sleeve must be retained in the teeth.

These engineering steel bush chains are more durable versions of cast combination chains, which can be interchanged under the condition of the same size between different versions. We can not only provide the straight engineering steel bush chain version, but also provide crank or offset link according to the actual demand. We also offer non-standard sizes and materials, a full range of accessories and assembly sprockets to meet the engineering steel liner chain range.

All our conveyor chains are manufactured using the very latest manufacturing technology and techniques. With fully punched and shot peened link plates, CNC machined components, precision component fits, in house heat treatment, fully ground round parts and heavy-duty spin riveting.All these work is just to provide better steel bush chains to Keep long-term cooperation with you.

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