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What are types of chain sprockets

What are types of chain sprockets

Issue Time:2021/07/06
The sprocket is a round wheel with external teeth. The teeth are available in a variety of sizes, which can be perfectly matched with chains of various sizes and styles. The gear teeth of the sprocket connect the two sprockets together, and the gear teeth of each sprocket cooperate with the chain to transmit power to make the chain generate movement and force. 

One of the most obvious advantages of the chain and sprocket combination is that the chain will not move or slide on the sprocket because of the teeth. Just like any mechanical parts, sprockets and chains will wear out over time. Therefore, it is very important to check the chain and sprockets regularly and replace them when necessary to ensure their efficient and ideal operation. 


Different types of sprockets have different hubs. The hub is an additional thickness around the sprocket center plate, excluding the teeth. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has developed four main types of sprockets:

A-type, it's just a plate that doesn't add thickness or hub.

B-type sprocket with a hub on one side.

C-type sprocket with equal thickness hub on both sides of the plate.

C offset or D sprocket, also has two hubs. However, each hub has a different thickness, which makes the sprocket asymmetric.

Different types allow different applications. For example, a and B sprockets are close to the equipment, while C sprockets are usually larger and require greater thickness to support the weight.

Pitch diameter

For the chain: pitch refers to the distance of the chain from the center of the needle roller to the center of the needle roller, similar to the distance between the connecting points on the chain.

For sprockets: there are three methods to measure the diameter of sprockets:

Bottom diameter, or the lowest point diameter between uniform teeth

Outer diameter, measured from the highest point of sprocket

Pitch diameter, where the chain is bited between two teeth. The measurement determines whether the sprocket is suitable to match the components of the chain.

Number of shares

A chain is a row of teeth along the circumference of a sprocket. Many common sprockets are single chain. Other sprockets may have two or three sprockets that can be held at the same time. Multiple chains can drive more torque and power from a common central shaft.

Generally speaking, according to the purpose of speaking, mainly divided into the following three kinds;

Engineering sprocket
These types of sprockets are designed for heavy engineering applications.

The roller sprocket is the most common type of sprocket. They are used in almost all industrial applications.

Mute sprocket
Silent chains and silent chain sprockets can be used when quieter chains and sprockets are required for certain industrial power transmission or conveyer applications. They are capable of transmitting power, but have lower noise output and reduced vibration, while still maintaining high efficiency.
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