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How to choose the lubricant of the transmission roller chain

How to choose the lubricant of the transmission roller chain

Issue Time:2021/07/02
Transmission roller chain is a kind of chain used to transmit mechanical power, which is widely used in household, industrial and agricultural machinery, including conveyors, plotters, printing presses, automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles.Transmission roller chain is linked together by a series of short cylindrical rollers and driven by a gear called a sprocket,whch is a simple, reliable and efficient power transmission device.So if the transmission chain is inefficient or rusted, how to choose a lubricant to improve its work efficiency?

The drive roller chain will inevitably be worn during long-term operation, so it is necessary to lubricate it. The lubricating oil needs to have good adhesion.If it does not have good adhesion, the chain will easily fall off when it is working.Then it must have excellent lubrication performance, which is in place, which is conducive to the improvement of the working capacity of heavy machinery and equipment and reduces the obstruction of pressure.And lubricating oil should also have a low evaporation loss rate. Transmission roller chains generally work in an open environment, so they are susceptible to external influences and oxidation, which will increase the working pressure of mechanical equipment.

If the lubricating oil has a low evaporation loss rate, it can effectively delay the evaporation of the transmission chain. At ordinary times, we should also pay attention to avoid placing it in a humid environment, so as not to chemically react with the moisture and oxygen on the surface to form rust, which will damage the quality of the chain.

Daily cleaning of the chain is also very important. What are the precautions for cleaning the roller chain?

1. Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaners (such as rust remover), because these chemicals can cause damage to the roller chain or even break it.

2. Never use a chain washer with solvent to clean the chain. This cleaning method will definitely damage the chain.

3. Avoid using organic solvents such as scouring oil, which will not only damage the environment but also wash off the lubricating oil in the bearing parts.

4. Clean your chain after each ride, especially in rainy and humid environments.

5. Pay attention to use a dry cloth to wipe the chain and its accessories.
6. If necessary, use an old toothbrush to clean the gaps between the chains.
7. Also don't forget to clean the front derailleur and rear shift guide wheels.
8. Use a brush to remove the sand and dirt accumulated between the chains, if necessary, use warm soapy water to assist.

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