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What's the 12B Chain sprocket

What's the 12B Chain sprocket

Issue Time:2021/06/25
The chain sprocket is a wheel with cog-type buckle teeth, which is used to mesh with a block with an accurate pitch on a link chain or a cable. Chain sprockets are widely used in mechanical transmission in chemical, textile machinery, escalators, wood processing, three-dimensional parking garages, agricultural machinery, food processing, instrumentation, petroleum and other industries. 12B chain sprocket is currently widely used in the manufacturing process of machinery, so what is a 12B chain sprocket and what is the specific definition?

The B of the 12B chain sprocket is a series of products, specifically it is manufactured in accordance with ISO, DIN and BS228/3 standards.
The figure of 12 indicates the specific size of the teeth of the sprocket, which specifically refers to the sprocket with a tooth radius of 19mm, a tooth radius of 2mm, and a tooth width of 11.1mm. Different figures means different teeth sizes of chain sprocket, the larger teeth size has larger figure, and vice versa.12B is a series of products that determine the specific size of the chain sprocket teeth, and other parts of the sprocket such as the inner diameter, outer diameter, number of sprocket teeth and other parameters need to be determined according to actual production needs. We not only produce a variety of products with different rules to meet the needs of most users, but also provide customized services to meet the needs of every user.

Features of 12B chain sprocket:
1. Stable work, low noise, high allowable chain speed, and good impact resistance;
2. The transmission efficiency is generally 0.95~0.98, and the transmission with good lubrication can reach 0.98~0.99;
3. The weight is large, and the requirements for installation and maintenance are high.
4. It is mostly used in high-speed or high-precision transmission devices.
5. Our factory can produce a full range of sprockets with high quality, complete inventory and affordable prices

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