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Do you know which surface treatments of the sprocket?

Do you know which surface treatments of the sprocket?

Issue Time:2021/01/13
Do you know which surface treatments of the sprocket?

In order to prevent the sprocket from rusting or for special purposes, some customers will require the sprocket to be surface treatment. for example: Galvanized sprocket, Black oxide sprocket, Nickel plated sprockets,Dacromet Sprocket......
Generally, if the customer has no special requirements, the common ones are without hardened teeth sprocket and with hardened teeth sprocket.

Galvanzied sprocket

Galvanizing is divided into white zinc and color zinc, and the thickness of galvanizing is generally about 80mm. If the customer does not request, we usually make white zinc. The price of color zinc is slightly more expensive than that of white zinc because the potion will be changed.

Blackened sprocket

Blackened sprocket will not affect the tolerance of the product. Main North American customers require the sprocket to be blackened, because the weather in North America is humid and the sprocket is easy to rust.
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