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Why can China's foreign trade fight a "turn over a new leaf" ?

Why can China's foreign trade fight a "turn over a new leaf" ?

Issue Time:2020/11/13
Why can China's foreign trade fight a "turn over a new leaf" ?
1.Stabilization is better than expected, a number of foreign trade indicators hit record highs
      On the morning of the 13th, the press conference room of the State Council Information Office. Li Kuiwen, spokesperson of the General Administration of Customs and Director of the Statistics and Analysis Department, reported on foreign trade in the first three quarters. Several "historical highs" surprised many Chinese and foreign reporters at the scene.

      The monthly import and export value and import value in September reached a record high; the total import and export value, export value and import value in the third quarter reached a quarterly record high; the international market share of import and export, export and import in the first 7 months reached a record high... According to Li Kuiwen, the import and export "significantly better than expected."

      Customs data shows that my country’s import and export growth rates in the first, second and third quarters were -6.5%, -0.2%, and 7.5%, showing a trend of positive quarter by quarter. Statistics from the World Trade Organization (WTO) show that from January to July this year, China’s international import and export market share was 12.6%, of which the export share was 13.8%, and the import share was 11.3%, up by 1.0, 1.1, and 0.8 percentage points year-on-year. All hit new highs.

"Such a beautiful foreign trade'transcript' fully confirms the resilience of China's foreign trade." said Zhuang Rui, secretary of the Party Committee of the National Opening-up Research Institute of the University of International Business and Economics. This resilience is not only reflected in the need for China in the world market, but also in the Chinese market. Need the world.

  According to Zhu Caihua, deputy director of the Foreign Trade Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, China's better-than-expected foreign trade performance has many enlightenments to the world. The first is that it must actively fight the epidemic. "Actively fighting the epidemic is both respecting life and the only correct choice to deal with economic recession. The gradual recovery of my country's foreign trade in the first three quarters reflects precisely the results of the active fight against the epidemic."

2. The policy is "on the idea", and new momentum is constantly released
 Before the National Day, Sichuan Jiayi Co., Ltd. "accidentally" received an export tax rebate of 1,713,359.69 yuan. The chairman of the company Yuan Zhiyou calculated a time account for the reporter-the entire export tax rebate process took 23 days, which is nearly 40 days faster than before.
   "Not only is it faster, but also more convenient." He said that companies can check the progress of tax refund declarations at any time through the export tax refund online inspection system of China Electronic Port. If there is a problem in the data transmission process, the company can click to resend in time.

In front of a huge electronic screen where data is constantly beating and refreshing, Mark Peng, director of the Single Window Application Department of the China Electronic Port Data Center, told reporters that by constructing and upgrading the "single window" export tax rebate declaration system, enterprises can achieve "one point access, one submission, "One feedback", paperless operation throughout the process, to achieve more data and less errands for enterprises, improve efficiency and lower costs.

   Starting from the customs, taxation, treasury and other links, reducing the overall export tax rebate time is a key point for my country to stabilize foreign trade. More than that, since the beginning of this year, my country has introduced a series of practical measures in terms of tax reduction and fee reduction, tariff guarantee insurance, "credit insurance + guarantee", etc., to give charcoal and increase momentum to the vast foreign trade market.

   At the same time, new forms of foreign trade represented by cross-border e-commerce and market procurement trade are booming, and they also provide a steady stream of new momentum for stabilizing foreign trade.

   Customs statistics show that in the first three quarters, the import and export value through the customs cross-border e-commerce management platform was 187.39 billion yuan, an increase of 52.8%; the market procurement export value was 509.86 billion yuan, an increase of 35.5%.

   The reporter noticed that in July this year, my country launched a pilot program for cross-border e-commerce business-to-business (B2B) export supervision in 10 customs. Just two months later, another 12 customs "entered the group." Industry insiders believe that the substantial expansion of the pilot program in the short term reflects the accelerating pace of China's opening up and at the same time reflects the increasing world demand for China.

In an exclusive interview with a reporter from Xinhua News Agency, the Director of the General Administration of Customs, Ni Yuefeng, said that the customs will increase support for cross-border e-commerce and comprehensively promote the supervision of cross-border e-commerce product returns, so that cross-border e-commerce products can be imported and exported. Go and retreat to promote the healthy and rapid development of new business formats.
3.The situation is still complicated and severe, and efforts should be made to cultivate new advantages
The accumulative growth rate of foreign trade has turned positive. It is also gratifying to see that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading around the world, protectionism, unilateralism, and bullying are increasing in some economies, and global trade is unstable and unstable. The deterministic factors have increased significantly, and it is more urgent to accelerate the cultivation of new advantages in foreign trade competition.

   The WTO predicted in the "Global Trade Data and Outlook" update report released on October 6 that global trade in goods this year will shrink by 9.2%, which is better than the previously predicted decline of 13% to 32%. But the report also predicts that global trade in goods will grow by 7.2% in 2021, which is much lower than the previous growth expectation of more than 20%.

   The more complicated and severe the situation is, the more I have to do my own affairs.

   In a few days, the 128th Canton Fair will continue to welcome guests from all over the world; in less than a month, the 3rd China International Import Expo will arrive as scheduled... No matter how the international situation changes, China's door to openness will always be open.

Industry insiders suggest that under the new development pattern where the domestic and international dual cycles are the mainstay and the domestic and international dual cycles are mutually reinforcing, to stabilize the basic foreign trade and achieve high-quality development of foreign trade, it is necessary to consolidate and strengthen the support of stable foreign trade policies and make good use Make full use of credit policies and other tools to further reduce the cost of cross-border trade, better support enterprises' export to domestic sales, and foster new competitive advantages through innovative development.
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