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On the same day, Britain and Austria announced that they were "closed" and 12 European countries had been sealed!

On the same day, Britain and Austria announced that they were "closed" and 12 European countries had been sealed!

Issue Time:2020/11/03
Recently, many countries in Europe ushered in the second wave of new epidemic. In the face of the resurgence of the epidemic situation, the number of confirmed cases increased sharply. Germany and France announced the "closure of cities", Italy, Spain and Belgium implemented strict restrictive measures, and Britain and Austria announced the implementation of the second nationwide blockade on the same day. Up to now, 12 countries in Europe have issued blockade bans.

The closure of the city has caused chaos in the city. The traffic congestion directly affects the delivery of international express, and the express business in Europe may be suspended. The chain reaction behind the closure of the city also brings great challenges to domestic and foreign trade people.
Britain announced the second full "blockade" since November 5th
On the evening of October 31, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a press conference to announce the implementation of the second comprehensive blockade from November 5 to December 2. At that time, except supermarkets selling necessities of life, catering, entertainment and other non essential facilities and institutions will be closed. Different from the first comprehensive blockade this spring, primary schools, universities and other campuses will remain open during the blockade.
Johnson said that under the existing local restrictions, there may be insufficient medical capacity, and national restrictions are the only option.
"The virus is spreading faster than our scientific advisers predicted the worst-case scenario, and you've just seen the model predict that, if we don't act on it, there could be thousands of deaths a day in the UK, more than we saw in April," he said.
Austrian prime minister announces second "blockade" measures
On October 31, local time, Austrian Prime Minister Kurtz announced the second "blockade" measures. From 0:00 on November 3, Austria will implement a curfew from 20:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the next day, and there is no need to prohibit people from going out. All restaurants and bars prohibit the provision of in-house food service, but take out service can be provided. The school's lower grades and kindergartens will continue to be open, and online learning will be adopted by high school students and college students. According to the new epidemic prevention measures, all kinds of leisure places, including theatres, cinemas and museums, will be closed for one month.
At the same time, the government is calling on people to work from home as much as possible. Compared with the first blockade in the spring, shops and barbers in Austria will continue to open, requiring disinfection measures in addition to mask requirements.
In addition, the staff of the nursing home need to carry out a compulsory test once a week. Visitors must show proof that the new coronavirus test is negative within 24 hours. Otherwise, they must wear masks of the same or higher standard of FFP2.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the novel coronavirus pneumonia. The Prime Minister of Austria said that the drastic measures were taken to reduce the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia. The health system in Austria is one of the best health systems in the world. However, there are limitations in the health system. If we do not take measures, there will be no enough beds to treat more new crown pneumonia patients. We will not allow such a thing to happen.
Portugal requires Telecommuting
In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Antonio Costa announced the new policy to tackle the new crown pneumonia epidemic on October 31st.
The new policy requires that people should not go out except for activities such as going to work, school, shopping or sports; activities and celebrations should not exceed five people (except those who live together); exhibitions and fairs are prohibited; and remote office work is compulsory except when necessary.
The measures will be implemented on November 4 and evaluated every two weeks.
12 European countries have issued blockade ban
Before Britain, Austria and Portugal announced the blockade measures on Saturday, many European countries had entered the blockade.                             
France: the blockade will be reintroduced from October 30, at least until December 1.
Germany: since November 2, the whole country has been "closed" for a month, and most public facilities, restaurants and entertainment places have been closed, and personal travel has been restricted.
Belgium: the country will start a second blockade on November 2, lasting at least one and a half months.
Italy: from October 26 to November 24, gyms, cinemas, swimming pools and other crowd gathering places are also required to be closed temporarily, and the business hours of bars and restaurants are shortened.
Spain: as of October 29, only four regions in Spain have not implemented measures to restrict residents' access. Other regions have blocked their borders and prohibited people from entering and leaving freely except for force majeure.
Greece: joanina and Thrace were upgraded from the third level of "orange enhanced monitoring level" to the fourth level of "red risk level" on their epidemic map. Therefore, the Greek government decided to implement blockade measures on the two places from 6:00 am on the 29th.
According to incomplete statistics, at least 12 European countries, including Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, Britain (England), Austria, Greece, the Netherlands and Poland, have announced "blockade" orders to curb the epidemic.
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