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Plastic gear industry ushered in the first national standard.

Plastic gear industry ushered in the first national standard.

Issue Time:2020/10/09
Plastic gear industry ushered in the first national standard.
Recently, the National Standardization Management Committee officially issued the national standard for precision of plastic gears (GB / t38192-2019 definition and allowable value of the same side tooth surface deviation and radial comprehensive deviation of plastic cylindrical gear for injection molding). 

Dr. Shi Zhaoyao, the drafting group of plastic gear precision standard, said that the standard has filled in the blank and reached the international advanced level after being reviewed by the national gear Standardization Technical Committee. It is a matter that the plastic gear industry has been looking forward to for decades.

Establishing standards is the demand of mature market
As a kind of mechanical transmission, gear transmission has the longest history and is widely used. Since the successful development of fiber nylon in 1935, the polymer synthetic material industry has developed rapidly. A new kind of material has been applied to gears, forming plastic gears. 

Compared with metal gear, plastic gear has the advantages of light weight, small inertia, low noise and self lubrication. After decades of development, it has been widely used in various industries, such as automobile electrical installation, instrumentation, service robot, household appliances, office automation, smart home and other industries. 

Especially in the past 20 years, with the development and modification of high-performance engineering plastics with high strength and high wear resistance, plastic gear is developing towards the direction of bearing higher load, and the application of plastic gear is further expanded, and there is a trend of "replacing steel with plastic" in many fields. It can be said that the rapid development of plastic gears is a worldwide trend in the field of gears.

However, with the development and application of plastic gear growing, there is no plastic gear standard in China, especially the lack of the most basic precision standard of plastic gear, which seriously restricts the development of plastic gear industry in China. 

At present, there is still a certain gap between the manufacturing level of plastic gears and that of developed countries, resulting in the passive situation that China still needs to import a large number of high-grade plastic gears from abroad. 

In order to break through this dilemma, it is necessary to study gear product design, plastic material research and development, injection mold design and manufacturing, new injection molding equipment and new injection molding technology research, gear detection and experiment, and the solution of these problems is inseparable from the establishment of standardization system. 

However, due to the great difference between plastic gear and metal gear in design requirements, manufacturing methods and application sites, the formulation of precision standards for plastic gears is quite complicated, which has become an urgent problem for China's gear industry.

Promote the overall development of the industry
With the introduction of the precision standard of plastic gear, enterprises in the industry are deeply excited. Shenzhen Zhaowei electromechanical Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of precision gear mould, has jointly participated in the formulation of this standard. 

Li Haizhou, chairman of Zhaowei, Shenzhen, said happily: "there has been no set of standards for plastic teeth in the industry. In the development process, we can only contact German and Japanese standards. Without standards, we are moving forward in the dark. Now we have our own standards, bringing new dawn to the plastic teeth industry in China."
The precision standard of plastic gear for injection molding provides a standard basis for the measurement and grade determination of products, which is conducive to ensure the quality and reliability of products, so as to guide the orderly competition and healthy development of products, and promote continuous innovation and technical progress of the industry. 

It can not only regulate the production behavior of enterprises, establish a benign market order, boost industrial technological progress, but also broaden the procurement channels for enterprises, reduce external dependence, improve working efficiency, and greatly reduce procurement and maintenance costs.

Industry formulation in line with international standards
In the process of standard formulation, the standard development team led by Shi Zhaoyao not only adopted the latest ISO precision system standard system, such as terminology, precision classification concept and tolerance calculation formula, but also combined with the mature technology and experience of plastic gear in China to form a precision grade calculation, measurement and evaluation system with Chinese characteristics for injection gears.

Injection gear has its particularity, such as small modulus, one-time molding of tooth profile by mold, reinforced structure and so on. Therefore, the precision and measurement method of injection molded gear can not be completely equivalent to ISO 1328 and ISO / tr10064 series standards. 

Although the precision standard of injection molded gear in China is not equivalent to ISO standard, it is consistent with ISO in macro aspect and is in line with international standards as far as possible. Ouyang Zhixi, a late expert who made great contributions to the formulation of the standard, once said, "the primary task is to formulate a plastic gear standard suitable for China's national conditions, which has both Chinese characteristics and operability."
In the process of making this standard, the ISO1328 standard and relevant standards of Japan, the United States and Germany were deeply studied. Considering the domestic industry situation, the contents of this standard were determined, and the advanced nature of the standard was ensured. Wang Zhigang, Secretary General of the national gear Standardization Technical Committee, said that the formulation of the standard was quite difficult. From the project approval in 2015 to the completion today, it has experienced many ups and downs, which is a comprehensive summary of China's plastic gear industry. He hopes that there will be more innovations in the field of small modulus plastic teeth, and he expects to make breakthroughs in the standardization of strength and life tests of plastic teeth in the next step.
The establishment of plastic gear standard is of great significance for the breakthrough of industry development.

Generally speaking, the accuracy of plastic teeth produced in China has been evaluated by using a set of theories and Accuracy grades of metal gear standards for a long time, but in fact, in terms of design requirements, manufacturing methods, application sites, etc.
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