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About price and discount


About price and discount

Update Time:2021/8/9

Fair transparent price


We try to keep our prices as low as possible. Once the price of raw materials drops, our prices will also drop. 

Our prices are mainly related to the following points:

Raw materials. Our main raw material is steel. The price of international steel  has been fluctuating up and down, with slight differences almost every week. We pay close attention to international steel prices. Once prices fall, our prices will also fall, and vice versa. We also provide goods with raw materials such as plastic, nylon and other materials. The prices of goods with different raw materials are different.

Craftsmanship.The same product has slightly different prices because of different processes. The more complex the process, the higher the price;

Product model.Different product models mean products of different sizes, and prices vary greatly among different product models. Generally speaking, the larger the product size, the higher the price.

Exchange rate. We are a Chinese company, and we calculate all costs in RMB. If the RMB exchange rate in the world becomes lower, relatively speaking, our products will have more price advantages;

Other factors. If you place a large order, the average price of each product is relatively low compared to a small order. If you have been trusting and buying our products, when you place an order, we will give you a certain discount, and the average price of each product will also become lower.


 Products stock


We have a wide range of products, which can be roughly divided into standard products and customized products.


Standard products can be subdivided into European standards, American standards, Asian standards and so on. Our products can be divided into sprockets, chains, pulleys and other components according to product categories. There are many product categories and many standards. In order to save costs, we have not prepared sufficient inventory for each product model, but only a small amount of inventory for popular models. Most products are out of stock.


Especially for customized products, each user's needs are different. We will provide drawings according to the user's specific description and needs, or users can directly provide drawings,our factory will produce according to the drawings. In this case, there will be no inventory.


So our products are mainly for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, etc., not for individual users.




Mystery discount


After you send us an inquiry, our salesperson will tell you how much discount you will get. The discount is random. Our discounts are divided into the following categories:

ü Free shipping cost

ü 5% discount

ü 10% discount

ü 15% discount

ü 20% discount

ü 25% discount

ü 30% discount

You can only enjoy one discount each time you place an order, and each discount is random, and only after you send a quotation.

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