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HTD Series Timing Pulleys(3M/5M/8M/14M)


HTD Series Timing Pulleys(3M/5M/8M/14M)

HTD Series Timing Pulleys(3M/5M/8M/14M)

HTD SeriesTiming Pulleys - 3M/ 5M/ 8M/ 14M pitch are manufactured from either C45 steel with black oxide surface treatment, cast iron EN-GJL-200 and black phosphate or aluminium 6082. Pulley flanges are produced from S235JR steel. 14M and are available from stock in both taper and pilot bore options.

Size available from:22-8M-30F,24-8M-20F,34-8M-20F,36-8M-30F,40-8M-50F,40-8M-50F,48-8M-85F,64-8M-20F,64-8M-50F,90-8M-30,112-8M-85 ,28-14M-115F,29-14M-85F,29-14M-115F,34-14M-40F,34-14M-85F,36-14M-55F,40-14M-40F,40-14M-85F,44-14M-85F,64-14M-40F.

HTD Series timing pulleys are the most widespread type of drive belts for industrial applications. They enable economic drive solutions in the lower and middle performance range in well-proven quality,provide high power transmission and low noise even at high speeds. They are made of highly durable rubber compound with a glass cord tension member. The teeth are protected by a special impregnated fabric. The wide variety of profiles and sizes allows very different applications.

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